Bonhomme Carnaval

We had such a FANTASTIC time celebrating the Quebec “Carnaval” at our own school!  Bonhomme Carnaval even showed up himself!   We did lots of fun activities (did you know that there are over 200 activities at the real Carnaval?) like “freeze dancing”, snowball toss, curling, and ice block building… of course ours had to be “simulated” because it just isn’t that cold here!  The final activity was a delicious treat of ice cream and maple syrup!  Yum!


The “Freeze Dancing” was REALLY fun!


What was YOUR favourite activity?


Hallowe’en Hoo-Ha

What a lot of fun activities led up to Hallowe’en at school!  We had our very own “pumpkin patch” in Nestor Park, and everyone got a pumpkin to take home!  A huge THANKS goes to our wonderful PAC for setting it all up for all our Primary students to enjoy!



Then Mrs. B. brought in 6 “table pumpkins” so that we could do some “pumpkin math“.  We compared all sorts of measurements, like… the circumference of our pumpkins compared to our heads, and the number of ribs on our pumpkins compared to a human being!

Next we scooped those goopy pumpkins and use 10 frame egg carton counters to count up all the seeds.  All together, we had 2605!  Wow! That’s a lot!  Then we got to decide on what kind of Jack 0’Lantern faces they should have.  Some of us were able to agree on a face, but others ended up with 4 faces!

Hallowe’en Day was FRIGHTFULLY FUN!  We went to different classrooms in the morning, for Hallowe’en activities and we also went to the gym for special races put on by the PAC.  (Mr. Della Vedova was there… he was dressed up like CHICKEN LITTLE and kept worrying that the sky was falling!  Poor Mr. DV!

Finally we got to the Hallowe’en Parade and party in the afternoon.  We got to see everyone’s costume in the gym, because it was raining outside.  Then we headed back to the classroom to make our Witches’ Brew… oooohhhhh, YUCK… there was Wizard Water #14, Bat’s Blood, Slimy Worms, hopping toads and MORE!  (Shhhh… don’t tell anyone that it was actually yummy!)  We brought party foods in the Canada Food Guide Groups and dressed them up as witches’ fingers, eyeballs, skeletons, and other scary things.  (Shhhh again… they were yummy too!)

At the end of the party there were so many individual goodie bags that we really didn’t need to go trick-or-treating (but we did anyway).  The only thing we forgot was to light our Jack o’Lanterns, so you’ll have to watch to the end of the Slide Show to see how they looked.


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What a great Hallowe’en!

What was YOUR favorite part?

Sports Day 2013


There’s no better way to describe our Sports Day this year!

After a soggy start (we took all the stations outside only to be rained on thoroughly!) our spirits were not dampened (HaHaHa) because we had an INDOOR Sports Day backup plan!

The excitement was high and the kids were pumped!  It was a great day for team spirit, but also for good sportsmanship and cooperation.  It was also very gratifying for Mrs. Boekhout to see so many Grade 8 helpers that came from Nestor!


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What was YOUR favourite race?


Curling Action

This week we had an exciting time learning about the Olympic sport of CURLING from “Capital One Rocks and Rings Canada“.  It’s a great way to engage in physical activity.  It’s a non-contact social sport that you can play your whole life. We learned about rocks, rings, buttons, brooms, and more!  We played our “curling” in the gym, but we found out that real curling takes place on ice.  That ice isn’t smooth though, it’s pebbly!



Curling – Broom Action! from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.


Curling – Rocks and Rings from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.


Hallowe’en is such fun!

What an AWE-SOME WICKED day!  We did special Hallowe’en activities in different classrooms and burned off a LOT of energy in the gym rolling pumpkins and doing other fun races!  Then we had our traditional Hallowe’en parade after lunch.  The rain didn’t stop us… we just paraded through the halls and around the gym instead of going outside.  The Hallowe’en party was SPOOK-A-LICIOUS!  Most students took a lot of time and effort to decorate their plates and make scary foods from the Canada Food Guide.  We had owl’s eyes and witches’ fingers and goblin brains and other really unique dishes!  Mrs. BOO-khout made a HORRIBLE WITCHES’ BREW (that means DELICIOUS in Witch language!).  Everyone had to call out BLECH! and NASTY! as the ingrediants were added… bat’s blood, and hopping toads and stuff like that!  The slimy worms got voted to be the yuckiest ingrediant!  We listened to Hallowe’en songs while we enjoyed our goodies.  The skeleton puzzle candy was fun to arrange, and then EAT!  A special thanks to students Liza and Melissa for making goody bags for the whole class!  Mrs. BOO-hout appreciated how everyone helped with the clean-up.



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Happy Hallowe’en!



Hallowe’en Party 2012 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

What was YOUR favourite
part of the day?



Goopy Pumpkin Scooping!

Slippery, slimy, goopy!  Pumpkins sure have slishy-sloshy guts!  That didn’t stop Classroom2Kids though!  With the help of 6 brave volunteers, we got all the slop out on our desks… ready to COUNT the SEEDS!  What a great introduction to TEN FRAME MATH!

We used egg carton counters, cut down from 12 little “cups” to 10 cups.  One seed in each cup soon became two and then three!   Did you know that if you have 5 seeds in each cup, then that makes FIFTY altogether.  Mrs. BOO-khout wrote down the counts as the students brought the seeds in to dump in a GIA-NORMOUS bowl!  Trick question…. if you have 60 seeds, then how many seeds are in each cup?  When all the seeds were in, we used our “ten frame strategies” to count up each table’s seeds.  Instead of “looking for tens” in our numbers, we went “looking for hundreds”!   First you… look for hundreds, then you… make hundreds (60 + 40), then you build up hundreds (50 + 60 = 50 + 50 + 10) and finally you… add up all the hundreds plus the leftover numbers!  That’s a LOT of COUNTING!  But that wasn’t all… we still had to count up ALL THE SEEDS in the class!   Guess how many we counted…. 1000?      NO!    2000?     NO!    We counted 2101 seeds! Wow!

The students at each table worked cooperatively (well… most of the time!) to decide on the Jack o’Lantern face for their pumpkin.  The parents turned out to be fantastic carvers (and of course we made sure that we complimented them on their great efforts!)
Mrs. BOO-khout lit tea-lights inside the Jack o’Lanterns and we turned off ALL THE LIGHTS!

Goopy Scooping 2012 on PhotoPeach


OOOOOHHHHH!   What a fun way to do MATH!

Pumpkin Scooping from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

What part did YOU
enjoy the most?

Nestor Pumpkin Patch

Nestor Park was transformed into a PUMPKIN PATCH by our wonderful PAC!  They brought in almost 300 pumpkins!  Wow!  The children got to hunt for their favourite pumpkin and then enjoy a treat and a drink afterwards.  It was on a Thursday, so Mrs. Singh got to enjoy the fun!  Everyone took their pumpkin home to carve for Hallowe’en!


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I wonder,
did anyone BAKE their pumpkin
instead of carving it???





Happy Summer – Part 4: Gr. 2 Bubble Party

The two “Mrs. B’s” got together to give their Grade 2 classes a wonderful “Good-bye” before the Summer Holidays began.  There is no place better than our own lovely Nestor Park to celebrate!  We started off with some “Bubble Fun“… and each student received their own “bubblemaker bottle”.  We had some activities in mind, but the Grade 2’s were having so much fun on their own that we just let them enjoy!  They blew BIG bubbles, LITTLE bubbles, DOUBLE bubbles, LONG LASTING bubbles, BUBBLES-ON-A-WALK bubbles, UPSIDE DOWN bubbles, and MORE!   Afterwards, we celebrated with Ice Cream floats (yum!)… there were LOTS of flavours to choose from.  What a great way to celebrate our soon-to-be Grade 3’s!!!

 Here are a few photos from our LOVELY CELEBRATION!

Grade 2 Bubble Party! on PhotoPeach


Catch us IN ACTION by watching our video!


bubbleparty from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

Full set of photos available at
but you’ll need our password to view them! 



What was the BEST BUBBLE that YOU made?

What Ice Cream Float FLAVOUR did YOU pick?