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We are a class of Grade 2 students in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada! Our Classroom has been called the “Living Classroom” because we have SOOOOO many class pets and plants in our room.  We also track the birds that come to our birdfeeders outside of our classroom window!  We are learning to take care of our Classroom Community by our 12 important Monitor Jobs (jobs like Entomologist, Meteorologist, Community News Reporter, Computer Technician).

In 2009-10 Mrs. Boekhout began her first Classroom2Kids Edublog. The word “Blog” is short for “Weblog”. A “Web log” is online journal writing… which means that we are sharing our classroom activities and thoughts with the world!

In 2010-11 Classroom2Kids started its first Student Blogs. The students wrote their ideas in MSWord, and then Mrs. Boekhout copy-pasted them into the “About Our Class”. In 2011-12, Mrs. Boekhout tried out “real” Student Blogs for the very first time! She showed the students how to write in the blogs themselves! Whew! That’s pretty fancy stuff for students who have never blogged before! They also learned how to make blog comments to each other.

In 2014-15 we hope to again have “real” Student Blogs.  It’s a lot of work to get started, after we have done some writing and drawing on the computer, we still have to learn how to upload the writing and pictures and  then learn how to make comments to each other.  Please be patient!

We welcome your positive comments on all our blogs!!!

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