Chat Line

Chat Line

We discovered we needed a place to carry on a conversation!

familyframeChat Line for Classroom 2 Kids and Parents

planets10frameChat line for E-Visitors to our edublog

Thank you to Mr. Avery and his fourth grade class in the USAย  for getting Mrs. Boekhout inspired to set up this area!

If you are a student or parent or relative
from our general school area….
go to our Classroom 2 Chat Line!


If you are a visitor from somewhere else
we’d love to hear from you too
on our E-Friends Line!



Welcome to CLASSROOM 2 KIDS!


13 thoughts on “Chat Line

  1. Hello Matej, My goodness, what silly budgies you have! Oh well, I guess they just don’t like water melon, so you get to eat it all yourself! Thanks for sharing. Maybe you could send us a photo of your budgies. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mrs. Boekhout

  2. Hi Mrs. Boekhout We gave my budgies little pieces of water melon and guess what . . . they threw all of the water melon on the floor!!!!!!

    from Matej

  3. Dear Matej,
    You want to say hello from Slovakia? Oh, thank goodness you came back but I want to say hello from Canada! ( But you already came back, so I should of wrote you this message when you were away ). It’s GREAT when I heard you PLANTED APPLE SEEDS from CANADA! Did a apple tree come out? Did you see a bunch of apples the next day?
    Justin L.

  4. Hello Matej, Monty must be excited to get 2 new badges to add to his collection! Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚ Mrs. Boekhout

  5. Hello again Matej, Brody hopes you have fun. Asha hopes the apple trees are pretty when they grow. Cyrus hopes you have a very good week there. Ilyas asks if you gave away most of the souvenirs yet. Jannty says we miss you, Matej. Adrian hopes you don’t get hurt. Colton asks if Monty Moose got any badges from Slovakia. Chase wants to know more about your cousins. Mrs. B wants to know what kind of food you like best there. Do you stay in a condo or a house? asks Branden. Bye from Classroom 2 Kids & Mrs. B.

  6. Hello Matej, You get to KEEP the scrap book as your own souvenir from your trip! ๐Ÿ™‚ from Mrs. Boekhout

  7. Hello Matej! This is so exciting… we have never had an email from Slovakia before! I hope your apple seeds grow into beautiful trees. I will show the class your email at school and send back some “hellos”. Enjoy your holiday and see if you can take some photos of special places with Monty too! ๐Ÿ™‚ from Mrs. Boekhout

  8. Hello Mrs. Boekhout and the class. I want to say hello from Slovakia. I planted apple seeds from Canada today. This day was a lot of fun. My cousin, my auntie and my uncle visited me today. I will visit my other grandma tomorrow. I hope you have a good day at school. Matej

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