Sports Visitors

We had some REALLY special visitors at Nestor school!

The BC Lions Football Team joined with Fortis BC to teach us about being ENERGY CHAMPIONS!  We learned about how we can take Green Actions for the Earth!

Then the Coquitlam Express Hockey Team came to show us how important READING is for everyone!  Tyger read a great story called “The Goalie” because he is a goalie on the team!

It’s inspiring to see how SPORTS, LEARNING, and being GOOD TO THE PLANET all go together!

What is YOUR favourite Sport?


Pumpkin Science, Art, and Math!

Pumpkins large, pumpkins small,
pumpkins shaped round as a ball!

We made good use of our 6 table pumpkins!  Our first job was “Science in Art“, where we used our “scientist’s eyes” to make careful observations and then sketch our pumpkins from 3 different perspectives.  The 4th perspective was “personality“… that was fun to see all the different creative ideas!  For “Pumpkin Math” we invited some parents into the class to help us scoop out the oopy goopy, sloppy pumpkin pulp.  We used egg cartons as 10 frame counters.  It was tricky trying to separate the pumpkin seeds from that slimy pulp!  We worked on our “Power of Ten Math Strategies” to count up the seeds for each pumpkin.  Finding 10’s is first, then making 10’s.  Of course we had to find 100’s and make 100’s instead… but if you can add to 10 you can do almost anything!  Finally we got to carve our pumpkins.  It took some cooperative skills to plan each face.
We think our Jack o’Lanterns turned out great!


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Did you figure out how many seeds we counted in all?

Week One – What a Success!

Grade 2 is AWESOME

Those were some of the chosen descriptors from our new class!  The students then brainstormed some of the things that caught their attention right away:  lots of different books, a stuffed cloth rainbow on the wall, a hamster named Fluffy, Black hornet nests/hives hanging from the ceiling, a lizard skin on the wall, a dragon boat kite hanging above the carpet, stuffies that have travelled around the world, 8 different calendar activities, a dragonfly kite, a welcome poster from last year’s Grade 2 class, a funny story called the “Teeny Tiny Teacher“, a tree full of stuffed birds!

Sounds like an interesting classroom… 
what do YOU think was the most interesting?  

Classroom Energy Diet Challenges… what Amazing Learning!

The Classroom Energy Diet Activities Challenge and Video Challenge have now drawn to a close.  We may or may not win any “prizes”, but we certainly have done TONS of learning in ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS, SOCIAL STUDIES, SCIENCE, MATH… and also in CO-OPERATION, HELPING EACH OTHER, and… FILM  PRODUCTION!  We also had a lot of FUN in the LEARNING!

Mrs. Boekhout is thrilled to see how the class has been more aware of  how THEY can MAKE A DIFFERENCE by simple acts like recycling, thinking about how they can use less energy, and SHUTTING THE DOOR on cold days!  (Hmmm… didn’t Mrs. Boekhout originally join this challenge because Classroom2Kids could never remember to shut the door???)

Mrs. Boekhout and Classroom2Kids would like to thank Canadian Geographic and Shell Canada, and especially Ellen Curtis for her wonderful support in times of  technical disasters, for this amazing learning experience and the chance to show that even “LITTLE KIDS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE” to help our planet!

Here are some of our photos “along the way” !!!

 A huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported us!