Exciting News!

We are going to try to send comments to some Grade 2 students in ALBERTA!  This class inspired us to do our Magnet Projects, so it seemed like a fun idea to try to connect with them.  It’s a bit tricky… there are “anti-spam” codes to copy and email codes (we are using a fake email because we don’t email at school!) and then we also have to remember our “Comment Instructions”! (GreetingTo keypal student’s name, Relevant Contentsomething to do with the blog post we are commenting on, Closingfrom our own name)

Please read How To Write A Great Blog Comment !

It’s been a little tricky setting up the names, so this page has been created to try to make it a little easier.  Hope it works!


~ Nestor Students  –  Dunhill Students ~

* Adrian  –   Adam

*Arthur  –  Avery

*Asha –  Alyssa  and Alissa

*Baran  –  Claire

*Branden  –  Aidin

*Brody  –  Justin C.

*Chase  –  Alex

*Colton  –  Deryk

*Cyrus  –  Gabriel

*Eliza  –  Katelyn

Ella*  –  Eris

Ethan*  –  Ethan

Hannah*  –  Jaelin

*Ilyas  –  Savannah

*Jannty  –  Oliver

Justin L.*  –  Isaac

Justin M.*  –  Jesse

*Kane  –  Justyn

*Leo  –  Leland

*Lucy  –  Jillian

*Matej  –  Mason

*Tyler  – Bobby

*Villa  –  Nick

*Vivienne  –  Riayn