Let’s Get Reading!

This week we talked about how “Independent Readers” get better at reading.  We brainstormed ideas (like “thinking about what you are reading” and “reading the whole time“) and then got started right away!  It takes time to build up STAMINA, but we are on our way!

When you choose a book that is JUST RIGHT for YOU,
Reading is FUN!

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What are YOUR favourite kinds of books?



Bring Jan Brett to Nestor!!!

The deadline is APRIL 9… please get VOTING now!



UPDATE: February 18th…
Nestor is now in TENTH PLACE out of over 13,000 votes!
GO, Nestor, GO!

Thanks to our dear Grade 1 teacher, Mrs. Nielsen, Nestor Elementary is entered in a contest to win a visit from the wonderful author/illustrator Jan Brett!  We didn’t think we had much chance, but with all our efforts… Mrs. Nielsen tells us that we are now in 76th place out of 11,000 schools!  We are also the ONLY Canadian school… can you imagine!!!

We are hoping that SOME OF YOU out there are Facebook users (the contest votes are only on Facebook) and will VOTE FOR US!  We also hope you will encourage all your Facebook contacts to vote for us too!  (Even Monty Moose has asked his Facebook Stuffie friends to vote!)

Here’s what you do:

1. Visit Jan Brett’s site . The link is www.janbrett.com.

2. Click on the “Like JAN BRETT” poster. (That will take you to Facebook.)

3. Click on Contest Entry Form on the left of page.

4. The only information you need is: Nestor Elementary, Coquitlam, B.C. V3E 2A4

We hope you can help us win a visit!

What is YOUR favourite Jan Brett book?


Read! Read! Read!

We’re busy at school… and one of the things we like best to do is… READ!

The great thing about this activity, is that in order to get better at reading, you have to take the time to read every day!  We have “Silent Reading” times, “Just Right Readers” times, and also times to read ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, with ANYONE (even a stuffie!)

Here are some photos of one of our favorite activities in September!

We hope our photos inspire everyone to read at home too!

Shelfari Book Choices

Be a Book Worm!

Be a Book Worm!

Although we get to share our book choices from our “Just Right Reader” book bags at school, “Shelfari” seemed like a great way to share books with each other at home too!  Each week the Classroom Librarian will choose three books  to put on our shelf.  Mrs. Boekhout will put some books on the shelf too!  This is a new project, so we are still learning about how “Shelfari” works!