BOO to YOU! Happy Hallowe’en!

What a FRIGHTENINGLY FABULOUS Hallowe’en celebration at school! We started off our day with Hallowe’en Stations where the students traveled around the school to do different activities. In our room, Mrs. BOO-khout sang “Witches’ Brew” and “Looking for Dracula” and then played Hallowe’en Bingo. THe Nestor PAC put on a rousing set of races in the gym, with Mad Scientist Della Vedova narrowly losing to Princess Leia in the Pumpkin Roll! After lunch it was the HALLOWE’EN PARADE! The weather was GREAT and we got to take the parade outside. Our “Canada Food Guide Hallowe’en Party” was a yummy success. Our nutritious food was dressed up into monster toes, goblin fingers, scary dips, witches’ cauldrons, bloody pumpkins and MORE! We made a HORRIBLE Witches Brew (Shhh! no one was allowed to use words like delicious or tasty!) with slimy gummy worms, bat’s blood, Magic potions #7 and #3, zombie tidbits, and ghoulie guts! We lit the Jack o’Lanterns we had carved and played Hallowe’en Bingo. There were sweet treats to share and three people even brought goodie bags for everyone! What a FUN-TASTIC celebration!

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You can watch a Hallowe’en Races Video of some of our fun in the gym!

Hope your Hallowe’en was as Happy as ours!



Canada Food Guide Party

Who says that “nutritious foods” are only for everyday lunches???  We made our Hallowe’en Party into a Canada Food Guide Party!  Each of the six tables had a different food group to bring… Milk & Milk Products, Meats & Alternates, Grains & Cereals, Fruits, Vegetables, and Extra Foods (the treats!).  We decorated our plates and foods in festive ways… spooky signs, Hallowe’en shapes, and fancy plates. Then we made a YUCKY (that means delicious!) Witches’ Brew out of fruit juices and many, MANY secret potions and ingrediants!  Eating great never tasted so GOOOOOD!