Sports Day 2013


There’s no better way to describe our Sports Day this year!

After a soggy start (we took all the stations outside only to be rained on thoroughly!) our spirits were not dampened (HaHaHa) because we had an INDOOR Sports Day backup plan!

The excitement was high and the kids were pumped!  It was a great day for team spirit, but also for good sportsmanship and cooperation.  It was also very gratifying for Mrs. Boekhout to see so many Grade 8 helpers that came from Nestor!


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What was YOUR favourite race?


Sports Day 2011!

1,  2,  3,  4

Who are we cheering for?

Our Team! Our Team!

Go! Go! Go!

What an exciting day!  The rain “rained itself out” the day before, so we had a fresh clean start to our activities.  The Blue Blasting Bananas, the  Canucks Green Men, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were on high energy mode all day!

After a BIG  BANNER team-building activity, we headed out to a “breakfast supplement” at our first station with the Cracker and Whistle race!  It was a good thing, because the second station was Tug-o-War… always a favorite!

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Sports Day 2010

Fun! Good Sportsmanship! Team Effort!
What does that spell…???

S P O R T S     D A Y!

Swingwaage Wolverine, Monty Moose, Wilbur Wombat

Swingwaage Wolverine, Monty Moose, Wilbur Wombat

Blue Team

Blue Team

Green Team

Green Team

Red Team

Red Team

We had a fabulous Sports Day (again!) but this year it was INDOORS! It is always SO disappointing to be “rained out”, so a few years ago our school set up a plan for an Indoor Sports Day. This year the weather proved it was a good idea!

There were lots of exciting stations, all over the school… in the gym, the multi-purpose room, down hallways, in the library, in the Resource Room, and even in some classrooms! We ran, jumped, hoola-hooped, dressed up, balanced, squished wet sponges AND MORE! One of the favourite stations was the parachute, and even our Stuffie mascots got to get in on the action here!