Remembrance Day

We have been busy reading and learning about Remembrance Day. The book “A Poppy is to Remember” helped us understand why the poppy is such an important symbol for Remembrance Day.  We were honoured to hear that the famous poem, “In Flanders Fields” was written by a Canadian army doctor. His poem is very sad and the illustrations in this book really touched our hearts.

Lots of the children in our class have relatives who have been in a war.  Some of them died in the war, but many of them came home, with terrible memories of what it is like to be in a war. Some of them were in the army, some were in the navy and some may have been in the airforce.  One student in our class has a brother who is a soldier in Afganistan right now.  That makes us all feel worried for him, but proud that he is helping to make the world free and safe.


War and Peace on PhotoPeach


We also learned about how animals have made a contribution to war efforts.  Veterns Affairs Canada sent us their “Animals in War” newspapers.  This year’s paper was called “Archway of Remembrance”.    Our Grade 5 Buddy class read the newspapers with us and then we all got to take our own copies home.


We have been thinking about how “Children Can Help.   The poem “Poppy, Poppy” reminds us that even children can do their part to make the world a happier, kinder place. We made big PEACE posters with ways that children can care, share, and cooperate. We read Todd Parr’s book, “Peace” and talked about how lucky we are here in Canada. Then we did our own pictures of things that are special to us and what would happen to them if we were at war.  At Primary Sing-Along, we all sang “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” (Peter, Paul, and Mary) and “Make the World a Little Bit Better” with sign language (Charlotte Diamond).  Our class also watched the video “A Pittance in Time”, a moving reminder from Nova Scotia, Canada, to take the time to observe the 2 minutes of silence on Nov. 11.


The Remembrance Day ceremony at school was very moving.  There were presentations by students, songs by the choir, and placing of wreaths by the K/1 students. Mr. Della Vedova shared a memory of his own Grandfather.

Today, in 2011, on the 11th hour on the 11th day on the 11th month, an emotional service was performed at Victory Square in Vancouver. One of the poems read was from a plaque in Stanley Park. It reminds us that WE are the LIVING SPIRIT of those who gave their lives for us.

 The Vancouver Junior Bach Choir performed the Canadian poem, “In Flanders Field”, in song.  Here is a video of this beautiful song from the 2009 ceremony.


We created our own video of the poem “Poppy, Poppy”.  Mrs. Boekhout copied this poem off a Vancouver school display board over 20 years ago, but has never been able to find the name of the poet.  She hopes that this year’s class will always remember to be children who SHARE, CARE, and  COOPERATE.

You can watch our  POPPY POEM VIDEO here.


Children, you may do your part
Love one another
is how you start!