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2 thoughts on “E-Friends Chat Line

  1. Dear Mrs. Boekhout and Classroom 2,
    I have really enjoyed looking at your blog this morning. It is wonderful that you have pets in your classroom. I love watching birds and have thought about a bird feeder for my second grade class, but we are on the second floor. Any suggestions? I also love the idea of traveling stuffies! I am creating a blog roll on our class blog – and I will be adding your blog. I think my class will love reading your blog and I hope they will also comment.
    Enjoy your new school year!
    Mrs. Rosenquist
    New York, USA

  2. Hello Mrs. Boekhout and Classroom 2. We are from a school in Adelaide, South Australia. We are in Year 1. We are lucky enough to have pets in our room. They are fish, spiny leaf insects and green tree frogs. If you go back through our blog you will find a photo of some crickets (frogs eat them) sitting on a frog’s head! It looks pretty funny! We would like to keep chatting with you. Have fun with your learning. Mrs. Kolenberg

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