100 Days of School!

The 100th Day of School is always a big event!  Our class celebrates with fun “Math Stations” where we do all kinds of activities to do with “100”!

Here we are in action!

 What was YOUR favourite part of 100 day? 


Fun Fair Cupcake Winners!

Our wonderful PAC put on an AMAZING Fun Fair last Friday, with lots of games, tasty food, cake walks and more!

There was a contest to see which class could bring in the most cakes  for the “Cake Walk” activity.

Can you believe it… WE WON!

Our prize was a fancy cupcake for each and every one of us in the class!  (Even the teachers!)



Thank you to our wonderful PAC!

Thank you to our fabulous Parent Bakers!

What kind of cupcake is YOUR favourite?


100 Days of School!




It seems like such a BIG number… 100… but we made it to 100 Days of School in Grade 2!

Hooray for us!

We celebrated with a fun “100 Day Stations Activity” in our classroom and then got a 100 Dollar Bill to go home with!



(Ha! Ha! Ha!  It was just a fake 100 dollar napkin!)



Here is some of the action!

Happy 100 Days of School and Happy NEXT 100 Days!

What was YOUR best School Memory of the last 100 Days?



Bonhomme Carnaval

We had such a FANTASTIC time celebrating the Quebec “Carnaval” at our own school!  Bonhomme Carnaval even showed up himself!   We did lots of fun activities (did you know that there are over 200 activities at the real Carnaval?) like “freeze dancing”, snowball toss, curling, and ice block building… of course ours had to be “simulated” because it just isn’t that cold here!  The final activity was a delicious treat of ice cream and maple syrup!  Yum!


The “Freeze Dancing” was REALLY fun!


What was YOUR favourite activity?


Christmas Yule Logs

Once again my dear “Christmas Lumberjack“, Mr. Nussle, has provided a REAL log for each student in my class!  Every log has been carefully chosen, side branches cut away, and a hole for a candle carefully drilled.  We have to be the luckiest of classes, and I am most definitely the luckiest of teachers.  It is now Year #16!

It is most definitely my FAVOURITE craft of the year and I love to hear from previous students, who tell me how they still bring out their Grade 2 Yule Log with their family decorations.

I love the idea that this craft has roots in tradition from long ago, and I especially love how we are able to bring a bit of “nature” into our homes.  Thank you, so much, Mr. & Mrs. Nussle, for helping me make this lovely keepsake with my class once again this year!

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Where did YOU put your
Yule Log centerpiece on display?


Happy Hallowe’en

BOO! to YOU!

Our Hallowe’en Celebration was a Howling success!

(Thank you, Ms. Harris, for these six great photos!)

Enjoy the SlideShow of this special day!

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What was YOUR favourite part of the day?


Firefighters’ Pancake Breakfast

Today was a very SPECIAL one… because the Coquitlam Firefighters came to our school to make PANCAKES for us! Yum!  We did our best to fill up the Firefighters’ donation boots because we know it goes to a good cause.  The pancakes were delicious, and Mr. Della Vedova was dressed up as an ELF!

What was YOUR favourite part of the day?


Hallowe’en Hoo-Ha

What a lot of fun activities led up to Hallowe’en at school!  We had our very own “pumpkin patch” in Nestor Park, and everyone got a pumpkin to take home!  A huge THANKS goes to our wonderful PAC for setting it all up for all our Primary students to enjoy!



Then Mrs. B. brought in 6 “table pumpkins” so that we could do some “pumpkin math“.  We compared all sorts of measurements, like… the circumference of our pumpkins compared to our heads, and the number of ribs on our pumpkins compared to a human being!

Next we scooped those goopy pumpkins and use 10 frame egg carton counters to count up all the seeds.  All together, we had 2605!  Wow! That’s a lot!  Then we got to decide on what kind of Jack 0’Lantern faces they should have.  Some of us were able to agree on a face, but others ended up with 4 faces!

Hallowe’en Day was FRIGHTFULLY FUN!  We went to different classrooms in the morning, for Hallowe’en activities and we also went to the gym for special races put on by the PAC.  (Mr. Della Vedova was there… he was dressed up like CHICKEN LITTLE and kept worrying that the sky was falling!  Poor Mr. DV!

Finally we got to the Hallowe’en Parade and party in the afternoon.  We got to see everyone’s costume in the gym, because it was raining outside.  Then we headed back to the classroom to make our Witches’ Brew… oooohhhhh, YUCK… there was Wizard Water #14, Bat’s Blood, Slimy Worms, hopping toads and MORE!  (Shhhh… don’t tell anyone that it was actually yummy!)  We brought party foods in the Canada Food Guide Groups and dressed them up as witches’ fingers, eyeballs, skeletons, and other scary things.  (Shhhh again… they were yummy too!)

At the end of the party there were so many individual goodie bags that we really didn’t need to go trick-or-treating (but we did anyway).  The only thing we forgot was to light our Jack o’Lanterns, so you’ll have to watch to the end of the Slide Show to see how they looked.


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What a great Hallowe’en!

What was YOUR favorite part?

Welcome to the Classroom 2 Edublog

Welcome back to all our Nestor students!   Welcome TO all our NEW Nestor students!


This is our
“Classroom Edublog”!

What is an Edublog?  Well, for one thing, it’s a great place to share our pictures, stories, and exciting events!

The word Edublog comes from “Educational” and from “Weblog” (blog).  A Web-log is simply a kind journal, or “log”, that is kept on the Internet Web.   Why is the Internet called the “World Wide Web”? That’s because the Internet lets people make all kinds of connections from all around the world!


This is the first time Mrs. Boekhout is starting off the school year with a SmartBoard, so it will be interesting to see whether it makes any difference to our Edublog!


We look forward to getting comments from our parents… it will be fun to hear how you like our work!  We also look forward to comments from other people… maybe from far-off places!  (All comments are moderated by Mrs. Boekhout first, so we don’t have to worry about anything inappropriate.)


Watch for our first entries!
We look forward to hearing from you too!

Mrs. Boekhout & Classroom 2 Kids
(which is Division 7 this year)