Student Blogs are here!

In case you haven’t been to the Student Blog section of Classroom2kids under “Our Class“, we would like to announce that the STUDENT BLOGS are now in action!  The big “announcement” was supposed to come with the completion of our KidPix 4 Seasons Tree slideshows, but Mrs. B. ran into a computer glitch!  Kidpix slideshows have to be converted into QuickTime movies in order to be shown on the Edublog. The student blogs from last year had Kidpix slideshows but this year the computer just wouildn’t seem to comply!  Mrs. B. tried it in the computer lab, on her classroom laptop, and even at home!  In the end (happy ending!) Mrs. B. found there is only one way the conversion seems to work… if she converts the student slideshows in the computer lab AND saves them to her teacher account.  Computers are SO finicky, aren’t they!

So… after all that hard work by the students AND Mrs. B., we hope you will visit our student blogs and leave a comment for them!

Student Blogs 2012-13


Student Letters

We have been busy writing letters to our friends in Michigan, USA and Woody Beaver (who is on an “exchange stuffie” project with Swingwaage Wolverine!) We thought it might be fun to post our letters and tell you a bit about our wonderful community and classroom!

Go to our “About Our Class” page to read the letters and maybe tell us about your community too!
About Our Class

Hope to hear from you!