Please VOTE for the NRG SUPERKIDS!

You may or may not be aware that Classroom2 was turned into a MOVIE SET last week!
After many filmings … it turned out to be 3 minutes long and we had to frantically cut it down to 1 MINUTEThe happy news is…  they have accepted our video into the competition and POSTED it on the website!

PLEASE vote for us!  

Don’t even LOOK at “our competition” until AFTER you vote for us!!!!
The voting is a bit “invisible”… 
Go to the website and just WATCH our video – that is 1 point
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NRG SuperKids

Mrs Boekhout Grade 2,
Nestor Elementary, Coquitlam, BC

The News Report is in! Word has it that there are NRG SuperKids teaching “Old Folks” to save energy! Check out our News Reporter’s street interview! Watch an exclusive video of NRG SuperKids in action and on the job! Kids CAN make a difference!



Bring Jan Brett to Nestor!!!

The deadline is APRIL 9… please get VOTING now!



UPDATE: February 18th…
Nestor is now in TENTH PLACE out of over 13,000 votes!
GO, Nestor, GO!

Thanks to our dear Grade 1 teacher, Mrs. Nielsen, Nestor Elementary is entered in a contest to win a visit from the wonderful author/illustrator Jan Brett!  We didn’t think we had much chance, but with all our efforts… Mrs. Nielsen tells us that we are now in 76th place out of 11,000 schools!  We are also the ONLY Canadian school… can you imagine!!!

We are hoping that SOME OF YOU out there are Facebook users (the contest votes are only on Facebook) and will VOTE FOR US!  We also hope you will encourage all your Facebook contacts to vote for us too!  (Even Monty Moose has asked his Facebook Stuffie friends to vote!)

Here’s what you do:

1. Visit Jan Brett’s site . The link is

2. Click on the “Like JAN BRETT” poster. (That will take you to Facebook.)

3. Click on Contest Entry Form on the left of page.

4. The only information you need is: Nestor Elementary, Coquitlam, B.C. V3E 2A4

We hope you can help us win a visit!

What is YOUR favourite Jan Brett book?