Happy New Year Kits

What would YOU put in a “kit” to help someone remember how to have the BEST NEW YEAR ever?  Here are our ideas!


What do YOU think was the most interesting idea?


Christmas Craft Fair

Once again our Wonderful PAC organized a special Craft Fair so that the kids could buy secret presents for their families.  We saw Miss Susan helping out with the wrapping too.  There was lots to choose from, so everyone went home with something special to show their love!

Mason Bee House!

We were SO lucky this year, and so were our Mason Bees! Pasquale, our local “Mason Bee Man“, dedicated a lot of time and effort over the winter to hand-make an AWESOME new wood Mason Bee House for our school! It even has RAINBOW COLOURED “Mason Bee Cubbies”! It is such a BEAUTIFUL new Mason Bee home, and Pasquale even donated a cubby-full of cocoons to hatch! We truly THANK YOU, Pasquale!!!

We learned a lot more information about Mason Bees from Pasquale’s introductory lesson and from the DVD that his son made. It was interesting (and a little scary) to actually see real pollen mites and parasitic wasps under the microscope! It’s not easy to be a BEE!

The best part is… seeing our own Mason Bees fly in and out of their new home!


Here’s a short video of some of our “Bee Action” in the Sanctuary Courtyard!

What do YOU remember best about setting up our Mason Bee House?




A Daffodil is a Promise

Our wonderful A Daffodil is a Promise has come almost full circle now!  We planted our bulbs in the fall and have seen them grow leaves, stems, buds and finally beautiful daffodil blooms As the lovely yellow blooms fade away, the seed pods are beginning to grow.  In order to strengthen the bulbs for next year’s growth, we will have to “dead-head” the blooms.  Maybe, however, we will keep just a few seed pods growing to see how they do!  Nature has many ways of assuring that each species succeeds and survives!

What was YOUR most surprising fact about Daffodils?



Yee-Haw! It’s Dance Fest!

What a fantastic way to burn off some energy, have fun with friends, and practice PATTERNS!  (Oops, Mrs. B. always like to find the MATH in everything!)

We practiced a LOT in our PE times and it was amazing how many dance steps we learned!  One of the best known tunes was “Oh, Johnny” and it definitely stuck in our heads.

We finished off with the Chicken Dance and the Macarena.  Wow!  We sure were tired by the end… but we all agreed that it was a lot of fun!


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What was YOUR favourite dance?

Christmas Fun

In between all the concert practices, we did manage to have a bit of “Christmas Fun” too!    We learned about Christmas in different countries, read Winter Holiday books, did some math, and had a little party too!  We had SO many “Christmas Calendar” activities, but I think our very favourite was the Jacquie Lawson Christmas Market!

What was your favourite activity?



Gung Hay Fat Choi!

Gung Hay Fat Choi!


Happy Chinese New Year to you all! Did you know that this is the Year of the Snake in the Chinese calendar?

You can read more about it at Mrs. B’s Holiday links

The Chinese calendar is MUCH older than the Western calendar… they are on Year 4710! Can you figure out HOW MANY MORE years that is from 2013?

Let’s see…
2013 to 2020 is 7 years..
2020 to 2100 is 80 years..
2100 to 3000 is 900 years…
3000 to 4000 is 1000 years…
AND 4000 to 4710 is 710 years…

Take 100 off the 710 and add it to the 900 to make 1000…
Now we have 1000 = 1000 = 2000
and… 7 + 80 + 610 = 697
Oh my! I’ll let YOU figure out the rest!

A big thank you to our PAC
to this lovely student
for providing the class with special treats!

Nestor Pumpkin Patch

Nestor Park was transformed into a PUMPKIN PATCH by our wonderful PAC!  They brought in almost 300 pumpkins!  Wow!  The children got to hunt for their favourite pumpkin and then enjoy a treat and a drink afterwards.  It was on a Thursday, so Mrs. Singh got to enjoy the fun!  Everyone took their pumpkin home to carve for Hallowe’en!


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I wonder,
did anyone BAKE their pumpkin
instead of carving it???





100 Days of School

The Day 100 always marks a special celebration at school. We celebrated 100 Day in our class with lots of counting and reading books about 100!  We brought 100 Day Collections that were creative, inventive… and even DELICIOUS!  (This year is the 100th celebration of the Oreo Cookie too!)  Our school celebration was a lot of fun, as we travelled from classroom to classroom and then finished off in the gym counting 100 licks of a lollipop by counting to 1o in different languages.  In our class, we are reading and counting 100 books for a Scholastic Book donation to needy schools. Anyone who reads to 100 nights of reading in our class gets to choose a book from our Book Award Box!  Some students are even on their way to TWO books for TWO hundred nights of reading! 

100 Day is FUN-tastic!

 We even tried out a little “Reader’s Theater
with a 100 Day Poem and 100 Day Song.   

One Hundred Days of School – Song from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.


100 Days of School Poem from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

What would YOU do
with a hundred _____   ???