September arrives… we are back!

The time is NOW…
the place is HERE…
and we are READY for Grade 2!

It’s been a very busy first full week of Grade 2 in Classroom 2.  Our school was a-buzz with desks moving from classroom to classroom, as we unfortunately had to undergo reorganization.  Everyone has settled in now, and our class has a full roster of 24 lovely students!

Supplies have been (almost!) organized, we’ve had our first newsletter and spelling test, first library and gym time, and Mrs. Boekhout got to lead the first Primary Sing-along.  The first class pets have arrived (Fluffy the hamster, Speedy the Leopard Gecko, Fatty and Skinny the 2 Fire Bellied Newts).  We’ve worked on good manners at the door (saying “Good Morning” while looking at Mrs. B. in the eyes) and  being ready to LOOK, LISTEN, and LEARN.  We are learning to follow the 7 parts of the Morning Set-Up (including having 2 sharp pencils and one big eraser ready!) We’ve talked about “Being in Control” and how to “Be a Good Friend“.  We’ve started to learn where all the “good choices” are in the classroom, including different kinds of books, math manipulatives, paper for drawing & writing).  Some people have started writing letters for our classroom Postal Service. Almost everyone is cleaning up their desk after lunch (oops… we have already lost one sponge!)  We done some Math, journal writing, worksheets, reading, and we watched a Terry Fox video and participated in our School-Wide Terry Fox Run!  … and MORE!!!

Doesn’t that make you feel tired?  I know that Mrs. Boekhout was exhausted!

So… that’s a pretty typical first week in Mrs. Boekhout’s class, BUT, there is SOMETHING MORE! Nestor School has its very first SMARTBOARD, and… (can you guess?) it’s in OUR CLASSROOM!

How did this wonderful event happen?  It all started last NEW YEAR’S DAY 2013!  Mr. B. knew how much Mrs B. wanted a SmartBoard and so he talked to Mr. E. who belongs to a charitable organization and Mr. E. talked to Mrs. B. about the Coquitlam Foundation which sponsors “good ideas”, and Mrs. B. wrote a looooooong letter about her “good idea” and sent it in.  Just when Mrs B. had given up hope, she got a letter (in May) saying that she was going to receive a GRANT for her SmartBoard! Yeah!


The SmartBoard was only  installed in the afternoon of Sept. 3 and so Mrs. Boekhout is just like a KINDERGARTEN student, learning what to do at school! The students have had lots of laughs when things go higglety-pigglety, but we have all been so excited to use our new learning tool.  We are getting lots of visitors who want to see too!


I wonder what Week 2 will be like!

🙂 Mrs. Boekhout




Welcome to the Classroom 2 Edublog

Welcome back to all our Nestor students!   Welcome TO all our NEW Nestor students!


This is our
“Classroom Edublog”!

What is an Edublog?  Well, for one thing, it’s a great place to share our pictures, stories, and exciting events!

The word Edublog comes from “Educational” and from “Weblog” (blog).  A Web-log is simply a kind journal, or “log”, that is kept on the Internet Web.   Why is the Internet called the “World Wide Web”? That’s because the Internet lets people make all kinds of connections from all around the world!


This is the first time Mrs. Boekhout is starting off the school year with a SmartBoard, so it will be interesting to see whether it makes any difference to our Edublog!


We look forward to getting comments from our parents… it will be fun to hear how you like our work!  We also look forward to comments from other people… maybe from far-off places!  (All comments are moderated by Mrs. Boekhout first, so we don’t have to worry about anything inappropriate.)


Watch for our first entries!
We look forward to hearing from you too!

Mrs. Boekhout & Classroom 2 Kids
(which is Division 7 this year)


Student Blogs are here!

In case you haven’t been to the Student Blog section of Classroom2kids under “Our Class“, we would like to announce that the STUDENT BLOGS are now in action!  The big “announcement” was supposed to come with the completion of our KidPix 4 Seasons Tree slideshows, but Mrs. B. ran into a computer glitch!  Kidpix slideshows have to be converted into QuickTime movies in order to be shown on the Edublog. The student blogs from last year had Kidpix slideshows but this year the computer just wouildn’t seem to comply!  Mrs. B. tried it in the computer lab, on her classroom laptop, and even at home!  In the end (happy ending!) Mrs. B. found there is only one way the conversion seems to work… if she converts the student slideshows in the computer lab AND saves them to her teacher account.  Computers are SO finicky, aren’t they!

So… after all that hard work by the students AND Mrs. B., we hope you will visit our student blogs and leave a comment for them!

Student Blogs 2012-13


Happy Summer Holidays… Part 1!

We are now on our “official Summer Holidays” but Mrs. B. has not finished with the Classroom2Kids Edublog yet!  (Mrs. B. hasn’t even finished dismantling the classroom either!  Oh dear!)

Her first project was to upload the “almost finished” Butterfly Life Cycle slideshows on the Student Blogs. Hurray! You will now find them uploaded!

A new addition for this year is the INVITATION to BLOG OVER THE SUMMER!  I think it would be a great way for the class to keep in touch, so I am inviting you all to tell us what you are doing on your holidays!  You can make comments to your classmates and even add photos… (but remember… no closeup photos of you in your own blog because it’s not “web smart” for students to put their photo in a place that also has their name!)

I’m hoping to READ some GREAT BLOGS over the summer!

Be watching too… I will be uploading some slideshows of the Year End Stuffie picnic,  Butterfly Freedom Day, and the Gr. 2 Year End Bubble Bonanza!  (Be patient… I need a wee rest too!)

xox Mrs. Boekhout


A visit from Mr. Davo Devil

Tasmanian Devil seen at Nestor School!

We had an unusual visitor from “Down Under” on Monday! It was Mr. Davo Devil from Australia! He was actually visiting Mrs. Nielsen’s class, but she just KNEW that Monty Moose would like to meet him. What Mrs. Nielsen did not know, was that Wilbur Wombat was at Mrs. Boekhout’s house, just waiting to be sent back home to Australia. Davo and Wilbur had an emotional conversation about their beloved homeland, Australia!

We didn’t have time to show Davo all around the class, but we DID take him on a very special walk… our “Tracking Trash” walk to clean up the school for Earth Week and collect some real DATA on what kind of garbage is polluting our school grounds! Davo was a BIG help!

Davo and Mrs. Boekhout made a little slide show of his visit, which you can see on DAVO’s BLOG!!!

Here are a few of the photos we took.


Congratulations to Mrs. Yollis, Winner of the “Class Blog” Eddy!

I had a FANTASTIC time at school this evening, between 4:00 and 5:30pm, participating in an “Online Blackboard” ceremony of the Eddy Awards!  There were over 115 teachers from ALL AROUND THE WORLD typing messages in real time, talking over microphones, and watching the results as they happened “live”.   I even got to e-meet some of the teachers I have links to! There were teachers from Canada, USA, Europe, South America, Australia and more!  For some of those teachers, it was the middle of the night, and others had their students listening at school!

A HUGE congratulations to Mrs. Yollis for winning the Class Blog Award… she certainly deserves it!  I have learned a lot about creating blogs by reading her inspirational posts and using her guidelines and suggestions.  Mrs. Yollis also won the “Most Influential Blog” award!  

Although Classroom2Kids didn’t win, I am SO proud to have made it to the Edublog-selected nominations.  I am especially proud, considering the other amazing Class Blogs that were nominated. Thank you to EVERYONE who voted for us!


“Eddies” nomination for Classroom2Kids!

A big THANK YOU to Mrs. Nielsen for nominating our Classroom2Kids Edublog for an “Eddy” award! We feel honored!  You can vote for us  by selecting “Best Class Blog” and then “Classroom 2 Kids”.   BTW, it seems that we are especially honored because we were shortlisted into the actual voting selection! 

EDUBLOG  QUOTE: Each year there are more and more nominations, and of increasing excellent quality, reflecting the ever growing edublogosphere — nice work guys!Unfortunately we can’t list every single nomination in each category — that’s too overwhelming for everyone. Instead, our intrepid team of judges combed through hundreds of nominated sites to whittle them down to a manageable number of shortlisted nominations for each category.


Here is Mrs. Nielsen’s nomination:

 Note: You can only vote once per IP address (that means, only once per computer).  Extra votes from the same computer are deleted.

Wish us luck… and VOTE!


Students Upload Their Own Posts!

Our “Dear Santa” letters had a special excitement to them, because the students uploaded their posts almost completely on their own for the first time!  Here’s what they did:

-Wrote to Santa in MSWord
-Learned how to login to their blogs with their usernames & passwords
-Activated “Easy Mode” (what a fantastic option!)
-Put in the title and copy/pasted their MSWord document
-Checked off “Blogging” as a Category and checked “Publish”

-Created a picture of Santa in KidPix, printed out as an outline to color
-Filled in the color on the computer in “Todd Parr” style
-Saved the picture and then also exported the picture as a jpeg
-Went back to their blogs and uploaded the jpeg into their Dear Santa post

Personally, I think it is AMAZING
I am SO PROUD of my Classroom2Kids Bloggers!

You can find our Student Blogs are located in a separate tab under the “About Our Class”, or you can just “CLICK HERE“.

The next step will be…
to upload a post FROM HOME! WOW!