Pucks n’ Books

We were lucky to have a Coquitlam Express Hockey Team member come to our class!  The team is committed to the value of books so we were treated to a reading of a “Brady Brady” hockey story.  Everyone got a signed poster of the team.

Have YOU ever played hockey before?





Curling in the Gym!

What exciting P.E. classes this week… we got to learn how to CURL!

The game of curling was invented in Scotland, and they used REAL ROCKS… hmmm… I wonder if those rocks eventually turned into SOIL (ha!ha! there’s our Soil Science theme this term!).

Curling is usually done on ice, but with “Rocks and Rings” http://rocksandrings.com/  we were able to curl IN THE GYM!  How fun is that!

We learned about SWEEPINGHURRY HARD and WHOA!  We learned about BUTTONS, and RINGS for POINTS.  You have to slide the ROCK by its  HANDLE, and be on one or both KNEES.


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Has anyone in YOUR family
ever curled before?

Sports Day 2013


There’s no better way to describe our Sports Day this year!

After a soggy start (we took all the stations outside only to be rained on thoroughly!) our spirits were not dampened (HaHaHa) because we had an INDOOR Sports Day backup plan!

The excitement was high and the kids were pumped!  It was a great day for team spirit, but also for good sportsmanship and cooperation.  It was also very gratifying for Mrs. Boekhout to see so many Grade 8 helpers that came from Nestor!


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What was YOUR favourite race?


Clean Hands!

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
Look how clean my two hands are!
Wash the back and then the front,
Between the fingers rub-a-dub.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
Look how clean my two hands are!

Today we had a CLEAN HANDS presentation… that was also a SCIENCE EXPERIMENT!

First of all we got to sprinkle red sparkles all over our hands. The sparkles were simulated GERMS (but actually, they were very pretty germs!) Then we began the experiment. We tested three ways of cleaning our hands.

The first way was by just wiping our hands with a paper towel. Oh dear! That didn’t get rid of very many germs at all!

The second way was to wash our hands in cold water and then dry with a paper towel. That was a little bit better, but still not very good.

The last part of the experiment was to wash our hands with SOAP and WARM WATER and then dry with a paper towel. Yeah! That was the best way to get rid of those sparkly germs!

We also learned that you need to be sure to wash for as long as it takes to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle little star” or “Happy Birthday”. Then you need to turn off the tap with your paper towel (otherwise those germs you left on the tap will go right back on your hands!) Mrs. Boekhout was a little concerned about having the water run for so long. (After all, we aren’t supposed to let the water run while we brush our teeth, right?) One idea is to not run the water too hard. Another idea is to just wet your hands and turn off the tap. Wash while you sing and then turn the tap on again and give another little wash before you rinse. Then use the paper towel to turn off the tap,

It might sound complicated, but we want to GET RID OF GERMS but still NOT WASTE WATER!

Clean Hands on PhotoPeach

Curling Action

This week we had an exciting time learning about the Olympic sport of CURLING from “Capital One Rocks and Rings Canada“.  It’s a great way to engage in physical activity.  It’s a non-contact social sport that you can play your whole life. We learned about rocks, rings, buttons, brooms, and more!  We played our “curling” in the gym, but we found out that real curling takes place on ice.  That ice isn’t smooth though, it’s pebbly!



Curling – Broom Action! from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.


Curling – Rocks and Rings from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.


Terry Fox Spirit

Like so many people all around the world, we participated in a Terry Fox Run to show our support for the need to find a cure for cancer.  Actually, our school has grown so much in the last couple years that we had 3 separate runs! 

Almost everyone in the class knew someone in their family or a family friend who has had cancer.  Some were lucky enough to survive but many did not.  We all thought about who we were running for.  Mrs. Boekhout had three special people to run for this year.  Dear Mrs. Raabe, a past Nestor teacher and a personal mentor for Mrs. Boekhout, sadly lost her 2 1/2 year battle this year; Ashley Brear, the 20 year old daughter of a fellow teacher, who still managed to create a wonderful annual fund raiser called “Keep on Swimming”;  and Brekke Harrison,  one of Mrs B’s students who dearly hoped to get to go to grade 3 (and she did!), you can see her special plaque in our Sanctuary courtyard.

Running around the school or making donations (we collected over $55 in our class!) are not the only ways we can honor the memory of Terry Fox though.  It was the SPIRIT of this brave young man that we should keep with us!  No matter what we are doing, we should always TRY OUT BEST!

Mr. Della Vedova taught the school a special song to remember Terry’s spirit.  When Terry was asked how he could possibly run when it was so difficult, he replied, “A step at a time, a mile at a time, a corner at a time, just take another step and keep on going! ” 

What great spirit!



P1030737 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.



Sports Day!

Rain, Rain, go or stay,
we don’t care
when it’s SPORTS DAY!

So… this year we got the excitement of an INDOOR Sports Day! (Mrs. B. had only just finished setting up her outdoor “Cracker and Whistle” race, when the rain started to soggy up the crackers!)

Some of the indoor races were the same as the outdoor races, but some of the MOST FUN races were exclusive to an Indoor Sports Day!  The Stack and Build competitions were FANTASTIC (even if Mrs. B. had to scold some parents for spoiling the “I can do it by myself” pride) and we still got to do the Sponge and Water race in the undercover area.  The three big KEYNOTES for Sports Day are FUN! GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP! EXERCISE!  We definitely had all three of these, with only a little reminder or two for “appropriate behaviour”.  The final scores were SO CLOSE that I won’t even comment!


Sports Day 2012 in a Flash!!! on PhotoPeach

Sports Day Cheers 2012 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

Sports Day Hula Hoop 2012 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

Sports Day Build It Up 2012 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

Sports Day Parachute Toss 2012 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

What was YOUR favorite race this year?


EVERYONE at our school is SO excited after Spring Break… because… it is the time for our Gymnastics Equipment to take over the gym!

 We are SO lucky to have our own set-up!  Before the equipment gets set up, however, we enjoy the freedom of running in the gym with BARE FEET and we also learn about being “indestructable kids“… who can jump and land SAFELY and who understand BASIC SAFETY RULES!  No show-offs! Only go as high as you FEEL SAFE! Three body parts on the climbing apparatus at all times! THINK before you ACT!

Gymnastics from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.


Terry Fox and the Marathon of Hope


That’s the spirit of Terry Fox, a brave young man who lost his leg to cancer at the young age of 19. Instead of pitying himself for this cruel turn of fate, he trained his body to run a marathon across Canada to raise funds for cancer research. Sadly, he died at the age of just 24, only part way along on his journey. His parting hope was that we must not let the dream die, we must continue the fight to find a cure for cancer. It rained on our Terry Fox School Run this year… but did we give up and stay inside… NO!


Did you know that Terry Fox went to the elementary school just a few blocks from our school?  He also went to high school in the neighbouring municipality! Whenever we go for a walk or play at a local park, we might be following in Terry’s footsteps!

Terry left us a wonderful dream, that someday we might find a cure for cancer. He gave us something more though… he gave us his incredible courage and determination. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or how hard it sometimes seems… 



–>Watch our  Terry Fox Run VIDEO  here! <–


You can read some more information about this brave young man 
at Mrs. Boekhout’s Terry Fox links.


Sports Day 2011!

1,  2,  3,  4

Who are we cheering for?

Our Team! Our Team!

Go! Go! Go!

What an exciting day!  The rain “rained itself out” the day before, so we had a fresh clean start to our activities.  The Blue Blasting Bananas, the  Canucks Green Men, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were on high energy mode all day!

After a BIG  BANNER team-building activity, we headed out to a “breakfast supplement” at our first station with the Cracker and Whistle race!  It was a good thing, because the second station was Tug-o-War… always a favorite!

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