The Jade Book of Hope

One more exciting thing happened in our class during our Remembrance Day activities… we found out that Alex’s Grandfather made a famous book about Peace!  This book was created entirely out of  JADE!  This stone book has carvings of 3 wonderful humanitarians: Mother Teresa, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Ghandi.  

You can see the book at




Remembrance Day 2010


 Remembrance Day


Our school had a very special Remembrance Day ceremony this year.  Each class created its own wreath. These wreaths were placed, one by one, on a decorated bench at our Assembly, while the whole school sang “Where have all the flowers gone?”  (We practiced singing the song at Primary Sing-Along!)  Miku and Michael went to a rehearsal in the morning and they did a great job of presenting our wreath.  Mr. Della Vedova collected all the wreaths and took them to the local Veterans Hall for Remembrance Day.

In our class, we learned how the Poppy came to symbolize the great sacrifices made in war times.  We  read “In Flanders Fieldsand were proud to learn that its author, Dr. John McCrae, was a Canadian soldier!  The story “Jason and the Memory Box” was written by a lady veteran who is still alive today, and who actually sent Mrs. B. her book in the mail!  The story told us about things like C-rations, and sweetheart letters, and the cenotaph.  It also gave us a chance to practice “looking for 10’s” and “making 10’s” in math, because we had to count up 2,000 memories in the story!



The Veterans Affairs Canada sent us bookmarks and newspapers about Animals in War.  We made posters with our Gr. 5 Buddy class of how animals can sometimes be heros too!  




A very IMPORTANT part of Remembrance Day is thinking about how WE can make the world a better, kinder place.  We sang “Make the World a Little Bit Better” at Primary Sing-Along, and it gave us some good ideas like “if I listen to you, and you listen too, soon there’ll be others like me and you“.   We practiced reading the poem “Poppy, Poppy” until we did such a great job that Mrs. B. decided to make a recording of it!  Then we chose our favourite ways that “Children Can Help” and Mrs. B. recorded that too!

(You can hear us by just clicking on the little triangle on the left.)

Poppy, Poppy” poem recited by Classroomn 2.
Poppy, Poppy poem

Children Can Help
Tables 5,6, 1 tell their favourite ways that “Children Can Help”.
Children Can Help #1

Tables 2,3,4 tell their favourite ways that “Children Can Help”.
Children Can Help #2

Remembrance Day
is only one day… 
please keep the spirit alive all year!