Happy Summer Part 6: Monty Moose and Uncle Mike

Oh my goodness… but Monty Moose had such a LOVELY holiday with “Uncle Mike” aka Michael Bublé !  Right now he is just “chilling” after all the excitement… Monty, that is… Uncle Mike is off jet-setting the world again!

Here are some of the outrageous photos of the holiday.  It is still incredible to think that such a famous, award-winning singer would have such a fun-loving personality that he would travel with our dear little stuffed moose! It really shows what a “down home” attitude this nice young man has! (Mrs. Boekhout thinks he is just as handsome and hug-able… well, ALMOST… as her OWN handsome, hug-able 32 year old son!)


You can check out a version of  Monty Moose’s Crazy Moose song at:
The Boy Scout Trail

You can visit Uncle Mike at:

What song would YOU record

with Michael Bublé?


Happy Summer – Part 4: Gr. 2 Bubble Party

The two “Mrs. B’s” got together to give their Grade 2 classes a wonderful “Good-bye” before the Summer Holidays began.  There is no place better than our own lovely Nestor Park to celebrate!  We started off with some “Bubble Fun“… and each student received their own “bubblemaker bottle”.  We had some activities in mind, but the Grade 2’s were having so much fun on their own that we just let them enjoy!  They blew BIG bubbles, LITTLE bubbles, DOUBLE bubbles, LONG LASTING bubbles, BUBBLES-ON-A-WALK bubbles, UPSIDE DOWN bubbles, and MORE!   Afterwards, we celebrated with Ice Cream floats (yum!)… there were LOTS of flavours to choose from.  What a great way to celebrate our soon-to-be Grade 3’s!!!

 Here are a few photos from our LOVELY CELEBRATION!

Grade 2 Bubble Party! on PhotoPeach


Catch us IN ACTION by watching our video!


bubbleparty from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

Full set of photos available at
but you’ll need our password to view them! 



What was the BEST BUBBLE that YOU made?

What Ice Cream Float FLAVOUR did YOU pick?



Happy Summer Holidays… Part 1!

We are now on our “official Summer Holidays” but Mrs. B. has not finished with the Classroom2Kids Edublog yet!  (Mrs. B. hasn’t even finished dismantling the classroom either!  Oh dear!)

Her first project was to upload the “almost finished” Butterfly Life Cycle slideshows on the Student Blogs. Hurray! You will now find them uploaded!


A new addition for this year is the INVITATION to BLOG OVER THE SUMMER!  I think it would be a great way for the class to keep in touch, so I am inviting you all to tell us what you are doing on your holidays!  You can make comments to your classmates and even add photos… (but remember… no closeup photos of you in your own blog because it’s not “web smart” for students to put their photo in a place that also has their name!)

I’m hoping to READ some GREAT BLOGS over the summer!

Be watching too… I will be uploading some slideshows of the Year End Stuffie picnic,  Butterfly Freedom Day, and the Gr. 2 Year End Bubble Bonanza!  (Be patient… I need a wee rest too!)

xox Mrs. Boekhout


Good-bye, school! Hello, Summer Holidays!

Here we are at the end of another school year!  Has it really gone so fast?

The last “Good Stuff Assembly” was beautiful, but tearful too, as we said “Good-bye and Good Luck” to our dear principal, Mr. Macmillan.  We wish him well in his new Middle School.  We will always have a special place in our heart for him!

So,  with fond memories of this year,  in September we will say “Welcome” to our new principal, Mr. Della Vedova.
Your “old” school will be bidding you a sad farewell now, but we know you will grow to love us too!

Teddy Bear Picnic

… or should it be called “Stuffie Fun”???

Our class celebrated the final Friday of Grade 2 with a Stuffie Picnic!  Everyone brought a stuffie and a lunch to share.  Mrs. B. brought ice cream and pop for floats.  We snuck out a bit early to lay claim to one of the picnic tables and green areas in Nestor Park and then carted all our blankets and stuffies and food and goodies outside.  Wilbur Wombat from Australia and Swingwaage Wolverine from Michigan, USA were the honored guests!

Year-end Waterpark Fun!

As our special treat for the end of the year, all the Grade 2’s headed over to the Town Center Waterpark for the afternoon.  We weren’t sure if the weather was going to cooperate, because June had been quite cool and damp.  We must have done something right, however, because the HOTTEST, SUNNIEST, most DELIGHTFUL weather arrived EXACTLY on Wednesday June 21st!!!

Here are just a few of our fun photos!