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The students will be learning to develop their ideas with blog writing. Sometimes there will be a general topic, and sometimes we will just write about our own topics. The keynote is EXPRESSING IDEAS. Everyone is encouraged to sound out their words, rather than spend precious writing time “looking up correct spellings”, so please be considerate of our efforts.  It will be amazing to see our growth!

We welcome your positive comments!!!

~ They are here!!! ~

* Adrian















Justin L.*

Justin M.*








12 thoughts on “Student Blogs

  1. How nice of you to visit our Edublog, Miss Susan! You know that we ALL appreciate you helping us in class! I guess that's why you get so many hugs! :-)
    Mrs. Boekhout

  2. Hello class!

    Miss Susan here. I LOVE volunteering in Mrs. Boekhout’s class one morning a week. I love your cheers and hugs, which make me feel so welcome, and I am pleased to help out in any way I can. And I learn such a lot, too. There is always plenty to do, and lots of people to help with reading, math, monitor jobs, tying shoelaces, putting on coats, and even joining you at recess. And sometimes it is just having a good laugh with you that makes my day. See you next week!

    — Miss Susan

  3. Hello Classroom 2 of 2015-16!
    I am so proud of the way you quickly learned how to post on your blogs and make comments to each other! Did you show your blog to your parents at the Student Led Conferences? I hope your families will make comments too!
    🙂 from Mrs. Boekhout

  4. Dear, Mrs.Boekhout well yes I do have good marks.But the thing is that there are like super big and hard tests for instants we had a Olympic list on English.I olny had 2 mistakes out of 30 questions.An Olympic list is like a test but you give in money to do it (it’s your choice to do it) .And I really like my button accordion lessons.
    From Dennis.

  5. Hello Dennis!
    How nice to have you “e-visit” from Russia again! Congratulations on your good marks, but I’m sorry that you missed Hallowe’en. I would love to hear you play the button accordion! 🙂 Mrs. Boekhout

  6. Dear Mrs.Boekhoet my class is great!I have finished my first session of the year.I play music on the button accordion and I go to an English class as well.I missed Halloween again and all of my grades are B’s and A’s and I wrote on the student blog to someone named Artem.
    From Dennis

  7. Hello again, Dennis! It is exciting to e-chat with a previous student who now lives all the way in Moscow! How is your new class in Russia? I have a great class this year. We just went to the Inspiration Garden to learn about Mason Bees in the fall! I wonder if there are Mason Bees in Russia? 🙂 Mrs. Boekhout

  8. Hello Dennis! How exciting to hear from you! We will have to “google” Kazan, Russia to see where it is on the map. How is your new school in Russia?”

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