Sports Visitors

We had some REALLY special visitors at Nestor school!

The BC Lions Football Team joined with Fortis BC to teach us about being ENERGY CHAMPIONS!  We learned about how we can take Green Actions for the Earth!

Then the Coquitlam Express Hockey Team came to show us how important READING is for everyone!  Tyger read a great story called “The Goalie” because he is a goalie on the team!

It’s inspiring to see how SPORTS, LEARNING, and being GOOD TO THE PLANET all go together!

What is YOUR favourite Sport?


Hallowe’en Pumpkin Relays

Hallowe’en morning is always a happy time, going to different classrooms to try out some fun activities.  One of the favourite stations is set up by our PAC in the gym.  The parents and Mr. DV are all dressed up in costumes!  We get to run all kinds of crazy races, like rolling pumpkins and using tongs to pick up scary creatures (plastic!) and pop them in a bucket.


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What a great way to burn off
a little of that Hallowe’en excitement!


Sports Day 2013


There’s no better way to describe our Sports Day this year!

After a soggy start (we took all the stations outside only to be rained on thoroughly!) our spirits were not dampened (HaHaHa) because we had an INDOOR Sports Day backup plan!

The excitement was high and the kids were pumped!  It was a great day for team spirit, but also for good sportsmanship and cooperation.  It was also very gratifying for Mrs. Boekhout to see so many Grade 8 helpers that came from Nestor!


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What was YOUR favourite race?


Sports Day!

Rain, Rain, go or stay,
we don’t care
when it’s SPORTS DAY!

So… this year we got the excitement of an INDOOR Sports Day! (Mrs. B. had only just finished setting up her outdoor “Cracker and Whistle” race, when the rain started to soggy up the crackers!)

Some of the indoor races were the same as the outdoor races, but some of the MOST FUN races were exclusive to an Indoor Sports Day!  The Stack and Build competitions were FANTASTIC (even if Mrs. B. had to scold some parents for spoiling the “I can do it by myself” pride) and we still got to do the Sponge and Water race in the undercover area.  The three big KEYNOTES for Sports Day are FUN! GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP! EXERCISE!  We definitely had all three of these, with only a little reminder or two for “appropriate behaviour”.  The final scores were SO CLOSE that I won’t even comment!


Sports Day 2012 in a Flash!!! on PhotoPeach

Sports Day Cheers 2012 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

Sports Day Hula Hoop 2012 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

Sports Day Build It Up 2012 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

Sports Day Parachute Toss 2012 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

What was YOUR favorite race this year?

Taekwon-do “Black Belt Attitude”


You might think this is the front page of a School Planner, but it was actually part of a Martial Arts lesson on getting better grades in school!  Recently, we had an exciting visit from Mr. Reinelt of Triumph Taekwon-do and he introduced us to the “Black Belt Attitude“! 

We learned about listening with your eyes, your body, and your mindRespect is one of the most important parts of Taekwon-do and no one… NO ONE… uses Taekwon-do if they are just mad at someone.  It is for self-defense only.     Some of the steps to improving yourself are to: focus, be organized, set goals, try your best, and use teamwork

Mr. Reinelt showed everyone how to do a proper “snap-kick” and then we had a competition between 2 students to see who could kick the most high kicks in a minute!  It was a tie!   We practiced our jumping up and ducking down by trying to escape the DREADED YELLOW NOODLES! Oh my!  Then we practiced teamwork in a game called Pass the Pizza!

It was a LOT of fun and laughing but we learned a lot too! Maybe some of us might even join Taekwon-do!  It would take a LONG time to become a 6th degree Black Belt like Mr. Reinelt though!!!

 Here we are in action!