Visiting Scientist!

Thanks to Science World’s Scientists & Innovators in Schools program, we were lucky enough to have a real Biologist, Ms. Baker, visit our classroom!  Having our own Classroom pets helped us give some good answers to her first questions about animal life, but then the surprises began!  We colored in some pictures of living organisms like birds and trees, as well as air, water, and sun and taped them to our shirts.  Then Ms. Baker handed each of the three groups a big ball of wool!  Too funny!  We had to make connections like… birds need water,  water helps trees grow,  trees make air… but every time we made a connection, we passed the ball of wool along!  Pretty soon it looked like a big spider web, but Ms. Baker explained that it was a web of lifeEverything is connected!  Now that we had the “big idea” we made posters showing all those connections!  No wonder we have to be careful with the environment… everything is connected!


Here we are in action!

          How many connections did YOU make with the wool?


Happy Summer: Part 5 NRG SUPER KIDS videos

What a treat… watching my class in action as I stitched together videos of some of our rehearsals for the  National Geographic Classroom Energy Diet VIDEO ChallengeEVERYONE  had worked SO HARD to put it all together. “Quiet on the set!” is not as easy as you might think, but the class did work (almost!) silently on other pen-and-paper challenges while the filming was going on. 

Special thanks to our film crew, Amanda and William, who alternated with the flipcam and the class camera. We always had 3 cameras shooting at once!  Our “kids with signs” did a great job of coloring, decorating, and marching with their poster signs.  Our two “invisible men” expertly scooted in and out of the scenes and our “snowman makers” did a great job of struggling with our “fake window”.  Several students are to be congratulated for their super job of playing the energy-wasting old couple in the “living room” and our 2 NRG Super Kids were… ahhhh… SUPER!  A big round of applause to the old neighbourhood couple who did such an excellent job of being “interviewed” and a standing ovation to our News Reporter who gave a magnificent performance!

Thank you to everyone who called up all their family and friends to vote for us!  We did make it to the finals (and won that flipcamera!) but unfortunately we didn’t get that grand prize of a SmartBoard.  Too bad… the video would have looked FANTASTIC on a SmartBoard!

What we did win was the PRICELESS MEMORY of working together to make a REAL VIDEO for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC!  That’s something that doesn’t come along very often… it was certainly a “first” for this teacher!   I hope you all feel very proud of our hard work and who knows… maybe one or two of my students might grow up to work in the movies

Here is the 1 minute video (ah… gee… okay… it is actually 1 minute 3 seconds, but I just could NOT squish it down any further and meet the entry deadline!) that was entered into the contest.


NRG SuperKids- 60 sec version from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

Here is a combination of some of our rehearsals, put together into Scenes 1, 2, and 3.  The assignment challenge was to make a video to show how kids can help save energy.

The original “screenplay” (chuckle!) was as follows:
Scene 1. A News Reporter interviews an old couple in their neighbourhood, asking whether they think kids can make a difference to energy savings.  Kids are marching behind with posters that have energy saving tips on them, but the old folks don’t have a clue.
Scene 2. An energy-wasting couple are busy… wasting energy, of course, on a cold winter day (with kids making a snowman outside).  They are visited by the NRG Super Kids, who give them tips on how to save energy.
Scene 3. The News Reporter revisits the old couple , who have now heard about the NRG Super Kids and know that kids CAN help save energy. The marching kids flip their signs to say “kids can help”.

NRG rehearsals1 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.


NRG rehearsals2 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.


Another part of the (written) challenges was to make daily announcements on the P.A. system to encourage other students to save energy as well.  We then put these ideas into a presentation for our monthly Good Stuff Assembly in front of the whole school and visiting parents. This video is our rehearsal in the library.


Energy Tips Presentation – rehearsal from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.


You can see more about our work back in April
by revisiting the Classroom Energy Diet post.


What was YOUR favourite part
of the Energy Diet Challenges? 


Happy Summer – Part 3: Stuffie Picnic

If you go down to the Nestor woods today… you’re in for a big SURPRISE… because today was the STUFFIE PICNIC!  We had lots of STUFFIE FRIENDS to help us with Calendar and Clues & Questions! There was SO MUCH really GOOD FOOD for lunch.  We had ICE CREAM FLOATS and STUFFIE RACES too! It was a special way to end our Classroom 2 year of Grade 2!


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stuffiepicnic video2 from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

Full set of photos available at
but you’ll need our password to view them! 


to bring to the picnic?


A visit from Mr. Davo Devil

Tasmanian Devil seen at Nestor School!

We had an unusual visitor from “Down Under” on Monday! It was Mr. Davo Devil from Australia! He was actually visiting Mrs. Nielsen’s class, but she just KNEW that Monty Moose would like to meet him. What Mrs. Nielsen did not know, was that Wilbur Wombat was at Mrs. Boekhout’s house, just waiting to be sent back home to Australia. Davo and Wilbur had an emotional conversation about their beloved homeland, Australia!

We didn’t have time to show Davo all around the class, but we DID take him on a very special walk… our “Tracking Trash” walk to clean up the school for Earth Week and collect some real DATA on what kind of garbage is polluting our school grounds! Davo was a BIG help!

Davo and Mrs. Boekhout made a little slide show of his visit, which you can see on DAVO’s BLOG!!!

Here are a few of the photos we took.


Congratulations to Mrs. Yollis, Winner of the “Class Blog” Eddy!

I had a FANTASTIC time at school this evening, between 4:00 and 5:30pm, participating in an “Online Blackboard” ceremony of the Eddy Awards!  There were over 115 teachers from ALL AROUND THE WORLD typing messages in real time, talking over microphones, and watching the results as they happened “live”.   I even got to e-meet some of the teachers I have links to! There were teachers from Canada, USA, Europe, South America, Australia and more!  For some of those teachers, it was the middle of the night, and others had their students listening at school!

A HUGE congratulations to Mrs. Yollis for winning the Class Blog Award… she certainly deserves it!  I have learned a lot about creating blogs by reading her inspirational posts and using her guidelines and suggestions.  Mrs. Yollis also won the “Most Influential Blog” award!  

Although Classroom2Kids didn’t win, I am SO proud to have made it to the Edublog-selected nominations.  I am especially proud, considering the other amazing Class Blogs that were nominated. Thank you to EVERYONE who voted for us!


Student Letters

We have been busy writing letters to our friends in Michigan, USA and Woody Beaver (who is on an “exchange stuffie” project with Swingwaage Wolverine!) We thought it might be fun to post our letters and tell you a bit about our wonderful community and classroom!

Go to our “About Our Class” page to read the letters and maybe tell us about your community too!
About Our Class

Hope to hear from you!

Grade 2s sharing technology!

Mrs. Brancati and Mrs. Boekhout had a special “Technology Show & Tell” this week!

Our two classes are the very FIRST  at Nestor School to have experimented with creating their own “Edublogs”, so we decided to show each other what we have done so far.  The students were excited to investigate each others’ blogs and did a great job of explaining and navigating through their own class blogs.

Seeing as the “two Mrs. Bs” have linked the two Edublogs, BOTH classes have the opportunity to view the ongoing updates in the respective classes!  We hope you are showing your parents as well!

You are welcome to make blog comments… just remember your “How to Make a Great Blog” instructions! (greeting, RELEVANT content, closing)

Here’s what we looked like “in action”… it was noisy, but it was all “ON TASK” noisy! (Check out some of the hairdos for our school “Crazy Hair Day”!!!)