Monty Moose in Switzerland

Auntie Susan has sent us some more photos… this time from SWITZERLAND!

Monty has had a wonderful time looking at the beautiful Swiss Alps and touring around all sorts of OLD PLACES and meeting DAIRY COWS! (The Swiss do love their CHEESE and their CHOCOLATE!)  You can see the photos on Monty’s Photo Gallery.

You can also read the first “Sweden blogpost” at:

Lucky Monty!

Where would YOU
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Monty Moose is on the go!

Monty Moose has arrived in Sweden!

In case you didn’t know, Monty Moose is the “head traveling stuffie” of a group of three… Monty Moose, Woody Beaver, and Timber Wolf.  They travel all over the world… sometimes to other classrooms, sometimes with students, and sometimes with friends of Mrs. Boekhout. (Every once in a while, Mrs. B. actually gets the chance to go too!)

They have their own website called the “CanOz Connection” in memory of the very first trips which were to Australia.

Monty Moose is currently on a little “retirement celebration trip” with Mrs. Susan Zuckerman (a Nestor teacher for many years!) to Sweden (and more places in Europe too!)  “Auntie Susan” has traveled with Monty AND Mrs. Boekhout before (to Italy and Paris).  Monty has done so much traveling that he now has his very own website!

The first photos from Sweden have arrived!  You can view them on Monty’s Photo Gallery.


Monty Moose is off to Sweden! on PhotoPeach

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Teddy Bear Picnic

… or should it be called “Stuffie Fun”???

Our class celebrated the final Friday of Grade 2 with a Stuffie Picnic!  Everyone brought a stuffie and a lunch to share.  Mrs. B. brought ice cream and pop for floats.  We snuck out a bit early to lay claim to one of the picnic tables and green areas in Nestor Park and then carted all our blankets and stuffies and food and goodies outside.  Wilbur Wombat from Australia and Swingwaage Wolverine from Michigan, USA were the honored guests!

Painted Lady Caterpillars

Monday June 21
… Butterfly Freedom Day!

The best part of all was RELEASING our butterflies!  It was a little sad to see them go, but we felt so happy so see them flying free.


… Butterfly Pavilion experience

We got to go INTO THE TENT two at a time! It was SO exciting! When you lick your finger, you can get a butterfly to sit on it. You can even see the little proboscis unroll as they taste the sugars in your saliva.



… Butterfly Pavilion in the library

When most of our butterflies had hatched, we moved them into our “Butterfly Pavilion” tent.  They really enjoyed the sunshine coming through the library windows!


Monday June 14
… our first butterfly!

We were excited to come into school to see that one butterfly had hatched.  By the end of the day, several more had hatched!  The next day we even got to see one coming out!

Closed wings make good camouflage.

Closed wings make good camouflage.



Friday June 4

… our first pupa!

Those little caterpillars ate and ate and ate! We watched them making “J shapes” and wondered when the magic would happen.

On Friday after school, Mrs. B. saw the first pupa… by Monday there were half a dozen pupae!

Our first pupa!

Our first pupa!