Monty Moose in Switzerland

Auntie Susan has sent us some more photos… this time from SWITZERLAND!

Monty has had a wonderful time looking at the beautiful Swiss Alps and touring around all sorts of OLD PLACES and meeting DAIRY COWS! (The Swiss do love their CHEESE and their CHOCOLATE!)  You can see the photos on Monty’s Photo Gallery.

You can also read the first “Sweden blogpost” at:

Lucky Monty!

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Monty Moose is on the go!

Monty Moose has arrived in Sweden!

In case you didn’t know, Monty Moose is the “head traveling stuffie” of a group of three… Monty Moose, Woody Beaver, and Timber Wolf.  They travel all over the world… sometimes to other classrooms, sometimes with students, and sometimes with friends of Mrs. Boekhout. (Every once in a while, Mrs. B. actually gets the chance to go too!)

They have their own website called the “CanOz Connection” in memory of the very first trips which were to Australia.

Monty Moose is currently on a little “retirement celebration trip” with Mrs. Susan Zuckerman (a Nestor teacher for many years!) to Sweden (and more places in Europe too!)  “Auntie Susan” has traveled with Monty AND Mrs. Boekhout before (to Italy and Paris).  Monty has done so much traveling that he now has his very own website!

The first photos from Sweden have arrived!  You can view them on Monty’s Photo Gallery.


Monty Moose is off to Sweden! on PhotoPeach

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Happy Summer Part 6: Monty Moose and Uncle Mike

Oh my goodness… but Monty Moose had such a LOVELY holiday with “Uncle Mike” aka Michael Bublé !  Right now he is just “chilling” after all the excitement… Monty, that is… Uncle Mike is off jet-setting the world again!

Here are some of the outrageous photos of the holiday.  It is still incredible to think that such a famous, award-winning singer would have such a fun-loving personality that he would travel with our dear little stuffed moose! It really shows what a “down home” attitude this nice young man has! (Mrs. Boekhout thinks he is just as handsome and hug-able… well, ALMOST… as her OWN handsome, hug-able 32 year old son!)


You can check out a version of  Monty Moose’s Crazy Moose song at:
The Boy Scout Trail

You can visit Uncle Mike at:

What song would YOU record

with Michael Bublé?


Surprise Visit from Michael Bublé !

Well, sometimes a Monday morning brings a WHOLE UNEXPECTED SURPRISE! (To quote Fred Penner: What a day, what a day! Full of surprises!) Last week it was the hatching of our first Painted Lady Butterfly. This week it was a quick visit by the ever-so-famous singer, Mr. Michael Bublé and his lovely wife, Luisana! It seems that Michael is quite familar with Nestor school!

Naturally we brought him down to see OUR classroom, and it turns out that they are both a real `animal fans`… Michael knew all about walking stick insects (who would have guessed that!) and Luisana has helped saved thousands of animals by supporting  Michael took a turn to hold Spotty, our leopard gecko, and Luisana petted Fluffy, our teddy bear hamster. We showed them our Painted Lady pupas and then took them down to the library, where we have placed our `Butterfly Pavilion`. When Mrs. Boekhout heard that Luisana had never held a butterfly on her finger, she just KNEW that Luisana NEEDED a turn in the butterfly tent. Getting one to land on your finger is not always that easy, so a student went into the tent and helped her! It was very exciting for us alland it was nice that we could give THEM somethingexciting to remember too!

When Michael and Luisana came back to the classroom, we took a group photo. It`s too bad that we didn`t have time to sing them a song, but he`s a pretty busy guy. Naturally we introduced him to Monty Moose, and told him about his world travels. Michael and Monty just seemed to hit it off as buddies right away… but who could believe it when Michael said that it would be great if Monty could go to ROME WITH HIM next week! Wowsers! Monty packed his bag (hahaha!), gave Mrs. B. a very quick kiss, and then headed right out the door with Michael.  Mrs. B. still is shaking her head, wondering what happened!

Whew! I hope they get some good photos because we`ll post them on Monty`s website!

Very Special Visitors on PhotoPeach

Where would YOU travel to,
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A visit from Mr. Davo Devil

Tasmanian Devil seen at Nestor School!

We had an unusual visitor from “Down Under” on Monday! It was Mr. Davo Devil from Australia! He was actually visiting Mrs. Nielsen’s class, but she just KNEW that Monty Moose would like to meet him. What Mrs. Nielsen did not know, was that Wilbur Wombat was at Mrs. Boekhout’s house, just waiting to be sent back home to Australia. Davo and Wilbur had an emotional conversation about their beloved homeland, Australia!

We didn’t have time to show Davo all around the class, but we DID take him on a very special walk… our “Tracking Trash” walk to clean up the school for Earth Week and collect some real DATA on what kind of garbage is polluting our school grounds! Davo was a BIG help!

Davo and Mrs. Boekhout made a little slide show of his visit, which you can see on DAVO’s BLOG!!!

Here are a few of the photos we took.


Destination India!

Monty Moose has been on the road yet again!  This time he traveled to India with our neighbour, Rosemary (another “new Auntie” for Monty)!  As well as having an adventure, Auntie Rosemary and her daughter were off to do some “good deeds” for a group of girls in the Mombai area, at the Sambhli Trust School.   (That’s the same city as the famous movie, “Slumdog Millionaire”.)  Auntie Rosemary is an amazing quilter, so she helped the girls learn how to make beautiful quilted handbags to sell.  (She has also organized a fund raiser to help buy some sewing machines for them!)  Of course Monty was a very popular fellow with the children, and the ladies too! 

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You can see more photos of Monty on his trip (stops in Hong Kong, Goa, Agra Fort, Jantar Mantar, Vishnoi, Jodpur) at his website gallery.

Monty Moose in Egypt!

Monty’s first part of the holiday with my neighbours was in Egypt!  The Pyramids and the Sphynx were spectacular!  Then Monty traveled down the Nile River to the Aswan Dam.  This wonderful holiday ended in Tanzania… in the famous Serengeti Park!

This is a selection of photos from Monty’s travels in Egypt. Monty will post the “full versions” later on, on his website.

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Monty Moose in the Serengeti, Africa!

Monty Moose was lucky to go traveling in November with Mrs. Boekhout’s neighbours! Here are some of his photos in the Serengeti National Park in Africa. Later on you will be able to see all the photos on Monty’s website!

If you didn’t know, Monty Moose is one of our 3 traveling stuffies (Monty Moose, Woody Beaver, and Timber Wolf). You can read about them at their website: has traveled SO much that he now has his OWN website!



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