Grade 2s sharing technology!

Mrs. Brancati and Mrs. Boekhout had a special “Technology Show & Tell” this week!

Our two classes are the very FIRST  at Nestor School to have experimented with creating their own “Edublogs”, so we decided to show each other what we have done so far.  The students were excited to investigate each others’ blogs and did a great job of explaining and navigating through their own class blogs.

Seeing as the “two Mrs. Bs” have linked the two Edublogs, BOTH classes have the opportunity to view the ongoing updates in the respective classes!  We hope you are showing your parents as well!

You are welcome to make blog comments… just remember your “How to Make a Great Blog” instructions! (greeting, RELEVANT content, closing)

Here’s what we looked like “in action”… it was noisy, but it was all “ON TASK” noisy! (Check out some of the hairdos for our school “Crazy Hair Day”!!!)