Taekwon-do “Black Belt Attitude”


You might think this is the front page of a School Planner, but it was actually part of a Martial Arts lesson on getting better grades in school!  Recently, we had an exciting visit from Mr. Reinelt of Triumph Taekwon-do and he introduced us to the “Black Belt Attitude“! 

We learned about listening with your eyes, your body, and your mindRespect is one of the most important parts of Taekwon-do and no one… NO ONE… uses Taekwon-do if they are just mad at someone.  It is for self-defense only.     Some of the steps to improving yourself are to: focus, be organized, set goals, try your best, and use teamwork

Mr. Reinelt showed everyone how to do a proper “snap-kick” and then we had a competition between 2 students to see who could kick the most high kicks in a minute!  It was a tie!   We practiced our jumping up and ducking down by trying to escape the DREADED YELLOW NOODLES! Oh my!  Then we practiced teamwork in a game called Pass the Pizza!

It was a LOT of fun and laughing but we learned a lot too! Maybe some of us might even join Taekwon-do!  It would take a LONG time to become a 6th degree Black Belt like Mr. Reinelt though!!!  http://www.triumphtkd.com/instructors.html

 Here we are in action!



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