Shelfari Book Choices

Be a Book Worm!

Be a Book Worm!

Although we get to share our book choices from our “Just Right Reader” book bags at school, “Shelfari” seemed like a great way to share books with each other at home too!  Each week the Classroom Librarian will choose three books  to put on our shelf.  Mrs. Boekhout will put some books on the shelf too!  This is a new project, so we are still learning about how “Shelfari” works!


Nestor Speeches

What Spectacular Speeches!
ALL the speakers were amazing, but especially our Grade 2 speakers…  Alex T., Owen, and Sunny N. from our class, and Julianna, Lucas, and Matteus from Mrs. Brancati’s class.


Here are some of our thoughts about giving speeches in our classroom. Some enjoyed it and some did not!   Everyone put in a huge effort, though, and everyone  improved with all the practice they did!

Alexander C. (The First Pizza) said “No not all all.”
Alex T. (Emperor Penguins): “I didn’t like them saying my clarity (needed work).”
Amir (Friends)
Arash (Fish): “I liked how they were very quiet.”
Cherry (Kittens): “I like speaking in front of the class because I like reading.”
Christina (Tigers): “I tried to look up but I was scared to look up.”
Daniel (Me in a Cast): “I was scared then I was happy!”
Giuseppe (Soccer): “I liked saying my speech because I was excited.”
Hisae (Japanese People): “I liked reading the speech.”
Kailyn (Dogs): “I like saying my speech because I like hearing how I did.”
Keaton (Hockey): “I hated it alot.”
Kirsty (The Farm): “I like it. It was fun.”
Melika (My Pet Cockatiels): “I always wanted to read my speech to the class.”
Michael (The Moon): “I was great at eye contact.”
Miranda (Stars): “I liked getting compliments from the class and knowing what to work on from the wishes.”
Owen (Video Games): “Pretty nice getting a chance to speak in public. It was actually pretty fun! I love speeches!”
Paul (The History of Disneyland): “I felt good because I think I did good. I think everyone liked it.”
Peter (My Hamster): “I didn’t really like telling my speech to the class because I am not so good at it.”
Scott (Whales): “No I didn’t like it.”
Sunny L. (Turtles): “I did not like saying my speech to the class because it was very scary!”
Sunny N. (My Goldfish): “I like reading the speech because I wanted all of the class to learn about goldfish.”
Trevohn (My Little Brother): “I liked it.”
William (Swimming)

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