Mason Bees and Daffodils

Although we didn’t get our daffodils from the Ministry this year (they somehow left us off the list!), Mrs. Boekhout had saved lots of the bulbs from last year AND she bought some special “Happy Canada 150” red and white tulips that came right from Holland!   In the Fall, we learned about bulbs and how they grow.  Then we planted our bulbs.  We also learned about the life cycle of Mason Bees.  They are Solitary Bees, so they don’t make a hive.  The females almost never sting, and the males can’t sting at all!  That’s nice!  Mason Bees are one of the first insects to come out in Spring, and they are important pollinators.  Mrs. Boekhout keeps the cocoons over the summer, washes them in Fall, and then tucks them away over the Winter in a cool, but not freezing, place.

Early Spring is also the time when we get our Mason Bees ready to “wake up”.   Our wonderful “Mason Bee Man”, Pasquale, came into the class to tell us more about the bees.  He showed us how to “roll” paper straws for the bees to use for their eggs.   Mason Bees pack a pile of pollen in the tubes first, then they lay just one egg and they build a little mud wall… all inside the straw!  Every egg has its own little bedroom!  Our job was to get the straws ready.  Pasquale hand-made a special Mason Bee house for our class the year before!  He painted it beautiful colors, and made little “cubbies” in it. He opened up one of the cocoons for us to see, and hold, a live Mason Bee!  The rest of the cocoons went in a little box.  We put the little box inside the Bee House and then waited… not very long… to see the first bees emerge!  We cheered and clapped for them!


Later on, but still in Spring, we were SO excited when our bulbs started to pop up out of the soil!  When our beautiful flowers started to open, we learned more about the anatomy of a flower and the daffodil life cycle.   We couldn’t wait to go outside to sketch them! They made the Sanctuary look SO BEAUTIFUL!


Here is a SlideShow of us at both our fun times in the Sanctuary!

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Can you remember where YOUR Daffodils were?

Earth Day Tracking Trash

Every year our class has a VERY special project to do… tracking the TRASH around Nestor School!  We pick up the trash in partners first.  One partner collects the litter and the other partner writes down “what kind” of litter it is.  After 4 days, we tally up ALL our results.  That’s a lot of MATH!  Then we figure out how  Nestor students are doing as compared to previous years.  We make BIG posters and prepare a presentation for the whole school to hear our findings.  Later on, we start delivering the Earth School trophies and certificates to those classrooms who have sent in their “Earth logs” that tell how they have tried to take care of Planet Earth.  Nestor is proud to be an EARTH V level school with the S.E.E.D.S. Green Schools program!  That’s one of the top ratings in all of B.C.!  Hooray for us and Mother Earth!

What do YOU do to take care of the Earth?


Be a “Zero Hero”

École Nestor Elementary School is working hard to become totally LITTERLESS, so we brought in the Planet Protectors from DreamRider Theater to present a fun-but-educational show about being a “Zero Hero”!  Esmerelda Planet Protector and her sidekick, Goober, worked hard to battle the Evil Dr. Carbon.  He wanted to put SMALL things in BIG packages, just to make money! I think Esmerelda won the day this time!

What are YOU doing to be a ZERO HERO?





Sports Visitors

We had some REALLY special visitors at Nestor school!

The BC Lions Football Team joined with Fortis BC to teach us about being ENERGY CHAMPIONS!  We learned about how we can take Green Actions for the Earth!

Then the Coquitlam Express Hockey Team came to show us how important READING is for everyone!  Tyger read a great story called “The Goalie” because he is a goalie on the team!

It’s inspiring to see how SPORTS, LEARNING, and being GOOD TO THE PLANET all go together!

What is YOUR favourite Sport?


Clean Hands!

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
Look how clean my two hands are!
Wash the back and then the front,
Between the fingers rub-a-dub.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
Look how clean my two hands are!

Today we had a CLEAN HANDS presentation… that was also a SCIENCE EXPERIMENT!

First of all we got to sprinkle red sparkles all over our hands. The sparkles were simulated GERMS (but actually, they were very pretty germs!) Then we began the experiment. We tested three ways of cleaning our hands.

The first way was by just wiping our hands with a paper towel. Oh dear! That didn’t get rid of very many germs at all!

The second way was to wash our hands in cold water and then dry with a paper towel. That was a little bit better, but still not very good.

The last part of the experiment was to wash our hands with SOAP and WARM WATER and then dry with a paper towel. Yeah! That was the best way to get rid of those sparkly germs!

We also learned that you need to be sure to wash for as long as it takes to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle little star” or “Happy Birthday”. Then you need to turn off the tap with your paper towel (otherwise those germs you left on the tap will go right back on your hands!) Mrs. Boekhout was a little concerned about having the water run for so long. (After all, we aren’t supposed to let the water run while we brush our teeth, right?) One idea is to not run the water too hard. Another idea is to just wet your hands and turn off the tap. Wash while you sing and then turn the tap on again and give another little wash before you rinse. Then use the paper towel to turn off the tap,

It might sound complicated, but we want to GET RID OF GERMS but still NOT WASTE WATER!

Clean Hands on PhotoPeach

Compost Worm Observations

We have been SOIL SCIENTISTS, observing and investigating what soil is made of. We have looked at rocks, gravel, sand, clay, and humus! Then we learned about how earthworms help enrich the soil. We started our own compost container using Red Wiggler worms. It was “verrrrry interesting”, looking at the worms close-up!

Earthworm / Red Wiggler Worm study from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

Classroom Energy Diet Challenges… what Amazing Learning!

The Classroom Energy Diet Activities Challenge and Video Challenge have now drawn to a close.  We may or may not win any “prizes”, but we certainly have done TONS of learning in ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS, SOCIAL STUDIES, SCIENCE, MATH… and also in CO-OPERATION, HELPING EACH OTHER, and… FILM  PRODUCTION!  We also had a lot of FUN in the LEARNING!

Mrs. Boekhout is thrilled to see how the class has been more aware of  how THEY can MAKE A DIFFERENCE by simple acts like recycling, thinking about how they can use less energy, and SHUTTING THE DOOR on cold days!  (Hmmm… didn’t Mrs. Boekhout originally join this challenge because Classroom2Kids could never remember to shut the door???)

Mrs. Boekhout and Classroom2Kids would like to thank Canadian Geographic and Shell Canada, and especially Ellen Curtis for her wonderful support in times of  technical disasters, for this amazing learning experience and the chance to show that even “LITTLE KIDS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE” to help our planet!

Here are some of our photos “along the way” !!!

 A huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported us!



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You may or may not be aware that Classroom2 was turned into a MOVIE SET last week!
After many filmings … it turned out to be 3 minutes long and we had to frantically cut it down to 1 MINUTEThe happy news is…  they have accepted our video into the competition and POSTED it on the website!

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NRG SuperKids

Mrs Boekhout Grade 2,
Nestor Elementary, Coquitlam, BC

The News Report is in! Word has it that there are NRG SuperKids teaching “Old Folks” to save energy! Check out our News Reporter’s street interview! Watch an exclusive video of NRG SuperKids in action and on the job! Kids CAN make a difference!