Earth Day Tracking Trash

Every year our class has a VERY special project to do… tracking the TRASH around Nestor School!  We pick up the trash in partners first.  One partner collects the litter and the other partner writes down “what kind” of litter it is.  After 4 days, we tally up ALL our results.  That’s a lot of MATH!  Then we figure out how  Nestor students are doing as compared to previous years.  We make BIG posters and prepare a presentation for the whole school to hear our findings.  Later on, we start delivering the Earth School trophies and certificates to those classrooms who have sent in their “Earth logs” that tell how they have tried to take care of Planet Earth.  Nestor is proud to be an EARTH V level school with the S.E.E.D.S. Green Schools program!  That’s one of the top ratings in all of B.C.!  Hooray for us and Mother Earth!

What do YOU do to take care of the Earth?


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