Compost Worm Observations

We have been SOIL SCIENTISTS, observing and investigating what soil is made of. We have looked at rocks, gravel, sand, clay, and humus! Then we learned about how earthworms help enrich the soil. We started our own compost container using Red Wiggler worms. It was “verrrrry interesting”, looking at the worms close-up!

Earthworm / Red Wiggler Worm study from Nora Boekhout on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Compost Worm Observations

  1. Hello Mrs. Leavell,
    What an exciting connection… or rather… connections! My connection is… I was BORN in Edmonton, Alberta! Please send us the link to your classroom blog and we’ll visit you! 🙂 from Mrs. Boekhout

  2. Hello boys and girls, my name is Mrs. Leavell and I teach a Grade 2 class near Edmonton Alberta. My class has just begun a classroom blog. I loved looking at your pictures and information about your composting worms. I used to have a red wiggler composting bin in my classroom. I also went to high school in Coquitlam. I went to Centennial! Thanks for sharing your learning with me.

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