Evergreen Center – Fall

We are so lucky to be close to the Evergreen Art Centre… we had TWO field trips in the fall!

Our first field trip was a PERFORMANCE by Bouge de la called “Bedtime“.


You can watch a bit of the show on YouTube because we weren’t allowed to take any photographs.
(Parents, be aware:  at the end of the YouTube it offers a variety of shows so only click on the “Bedtime” link!)

Our next field trip was an Art Gallery viewing of “Perfect Geometry” by Laurie Papou and a workshop called “Up Close and Far Away“.  We learned about hot and cold colours and sketched the geometric patterns found inside slices of different fruits and vegetables.  Then we painted the HOT coloured foods in COLD colours and the COLD coloured foods in HOT colours!  The workshop was SO MUCH fun, and the results were AMAZING!

art gallery 2015

Here’s a slide show of our two field trips.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow


What was YOUR favourite part?


2 thoughts on “Evergreen Center – Fall

  1. Thank you, Mrs. Leavell, for your kind comments! I will certainly visit your blog. It is an inspiration for me to get going on some “class blogging” myself! 🙂 Mrs. Boekhout

  2. Wow, what fun! It looks like your class had a couple of terrific field trips. I especially love the art work that you created! Please come visit our class blog, it is on your list of classroom websites. We have been working on making blog posts with our stories and with some pictures that teachers have taken around the school. We would love for you to leave a comment. Make sure your tell us which city you are from. Have a wonderful day, Mrs. Leavell

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