Snow Time in Canada

This is a SPECIAL POST for Mrs. Milton’s class in Australia!  Some of her students have NEVER SEEN snow!   We are pretty well into the soggy, rainy season in our area, but the local mountains and many other areas of Canada still have lots of snow!  We decided we could at least spend a little time thinking about one of our FAVOURITE parts of winterSNOWY DAYS!

Some of our favorite thoughts about snow are:
* snow is white flakes falling down from the sky in the winter, snow is COLD
* stick your hand in the refrigerator and that feels like snow
* snow can be soft and fluffy or sometimes it is hard as ice, it can be wet or dry, it can be slippery
* snow is cold.  You need to wear mittens and boots and hats amd scarves
* snowflakes will melt in your hand and it’s fun to catch snowflakes on your tongue
* you can build things like snowmen, snow angels, snow forts and you can make snowballs and have snowball fights
* you can go sledding or skiing, or if the ponds are frozen you can go skating or play some hockey, 
* too much snow makes a blizzard and that’s not good

* most of all, snow is FUN!
You might like to investigate a SNOW website to learn more about snowflakes!

We hope you all get to experience snow one day!

Have you ever seen snow?
What is YOUR favourite snow activity?



Can you think of ways that SAND and SNOW are the SAME?
How are they DIFFERENT?




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