Monty Moose in the Serengeti, Africa!

Monty Moose was lucky to go traveling in November with Mrs. Boekhout’s neighbours! Here are some of his photos in the Serengeti National Park in Africa. Later on you will be able to see all the photos on Monty’s website!

If you didn’t know, Monty Moose is one of our 3 traveling stuffies (Monty Moose, Woody Beaver, and Timber Wolf). You can read about them at their website: has traveled SO much that he now has his OWN website!



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2 thoughts on “Monty Moose in the Serengeti, Africa!

  1. Hello, dear neighbour!
    Monty Moose will be SO excited to hear about your invitation… he LOVED Africa! He will also like the fact that he can help out with some “good deeds” there, as a “Good Will” ambassador from Canada. (Of course this officially makes you “Auntie Joyce”.) This must be one of Monty’s BUSIEST school years yet!
    Thank you SO much!
    🙂 Mrs. Boekhout

  2. I enjoyed seeing Monty’s travel photos and I hope he may like to come back to a different part of Africa in April with me. I am going to Uganda and as well as a short safari I shall be staying and helping at a place that has a hospital, various clinics and a day care. If he is not too tired I’m sure he will enjoy meeting the little kids there.
    from Joyce Evans, yet another neighbour of Mrs. Boekhout’s

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